our story

our-story.pngAs Mums ourselves, we know caring for your baby is the most important part of your life. That’s why here, at Baby Essentials, we specialise in baby products that are safe for babies and children.

We Love our wonderful  range of baby clothing, baby gift sets, baby wraps, baby gifts, toys and accessories. 

All of our clothing is soft on a baby’s delicate skin and comes in a range of colours and sizes. While the toys are safe enough for them to put in their mouth without any risk of harm, they’re even washable, coming up like new every time.

Whether you’re a new mum, pregnant, a father, uncle, aunt or anyone with a baby in their life, this site is for you. Not only will you find a full range of  baby and kids wear, toys, baby lotions, accessories, maternity wear and even kids furniture, we also have some helpful resources for parents.



Every Parent experiences the joy for the first time being a mum or dad - its scary to think you have bought this little bundle of joy into the world and you are going to nurture and love your baby unconditionally forever.

Baby Essentials lead the way and are committed to providing safe, healthy environmentally friendly products.

Pam xo