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How often does a company begin with a toy hammer? Things certainly went that way for Spanish toy makers, Cayro. Since they developed their first toy hammer 60 years ago, they have dedicated their time to creating traditional toys and games to help children of all ages learn and grow. 

If you need a tool to allow your little ones to learn and become used to doing their chores, this is the perfect game for you. Is for two children with each one receiving their score. The table has 11 chores and 9 rewards, 70 stars to mark the achievements and a marker to write the days of the week, the name of the children and the stars that must be obtained in order to obtain the reward. Write the name of your children and the days of the week. Then choose 5 chores and place them in the column of chores to be performed. Write the number of stars that must be obtained in order to receive the reward. Finally, your children choose the prize that they want to win. You must invite them to place their stars during the week as they complete the chore assigned. 

Rewards Chart features:

  • Recommended for ages 3 and up. 
  • Made in Spain.
  • Number of players 1-2.
  • Includes rules for play.